OST Presenting at PA TechCon 2019

Harrisburg, PA, April 2019 – Optimal Solutions & Technologies (OST, Inc.) will be presenting on the topic of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Based Smart Health at the PA TechCon on Wednesday, May 1, 2019. PA TechCon is the largest governmental tech conference in Pennsylvania (www.patechcon.com) and OST is a Silver Sponsor. President and CEO Vijay Narula and Vice President Brian Cole will discuss opportunities to integrate advanced technologies to meet current and future needs, with an emphasis on the current opioid crisis. A customer-focused company, OST maintains customer involvement throughout its solution-engineering process to ensure the provided systems and services will drive success now and into the future.

Today’s healthcare management is driven by new and emerging technologies. More specifically, what we call “Smart Health” is driven by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML). These technologies are dynamically changing the Health IT environment at the federal and state levels. This presentation will address the role of these technologies in healthcare service delivery and provide an example of the Opioid Crisis Management System developed by OST and its partners to help address the opioid crisis affecting the commonwealth and the nation. This solution goes beyond simple identification of patients or providers who may be abusing the system, to helping communities become proactive in responding to this epidemic.

OST provides C4ISR, Cyber, Engineering, Logistics, Managed Services, and Smart technologies to industries such as aviation, defense, finance, health, insurance, utility, and transportation. OST’s client base consists of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, multiple Fortune 1,000 companies, public sector organizations, and the U.S. Departments of Defense (including Air Force, Army, Navy, and Joint programs), Commerce, Education, Energy, Homeland Security, Housing and Urban Development, Transportation, Treasury, and Veterans Affairs, plus various state and local governments. Integrated solutions involving smart technology, intelligent traffic management, CCTV/video analytics, smart poles, smart parking, and energy management for customers such as the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) have increased efficiency, public safety, and sustainability, while saving energy and reducing costs.

About OST:
OST is externally appraised/registered at CMMI-DEV Level 5, CMMI-SVCS Level 3, ISO 9001, ISO 10002, ISO 20000, and ISO 27001.