COVID-19 Comprehensive Response Services (CONUS & OCONUS)

Response, Recovery, Humanitarian & Technical Solutions

The OST-H&S-Pilot team is ready to support National Response and Recovery efforts regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. Providing expert personnel, technology, and mobile equipment, our rapid response capabilities include a wide range of services from benefits/claims processing and medical personnel to isolation facilities and medical equipment for any surge requirements.

Our Team has the capacity to add thousands of resources every day.

Comprehensive Services
Our Response and Recovery Services



Crisis Disaster Management

Response Services

Crisis & Disaster

Management, Oversight, & Reporting
Emergency Command Center
Technical & Communication Systems
Surge Staffing (Medical, IT, Admin, etc.)
Training Support & Call Centers

Emergency Medical Services

Response Services

Emergency Medical

Smart Health Solutions
Ambulatory Services (BSL/ASL)
Medical Equipment & Services
Sterile Processing & BioWaste Disposal
In-Field Prescription Dispensing

Base Isolation Camps

Response Services

Base / Isolation

Interim Housing & Medical Care Facilities
Power Generators, Lighting, & HVAC
Kitchen & Dining Facilities
Bathrooms / Showers (including ADA/RA)
Secured Perimeter Fencing & Armed Guards

Claims Processing and Settlement

Recovery Services

Benefits / Claims
& Settlement

Benefit application review
Eligibility determination
Income verification
Payment support
SBA Claims Specialist

Operations and Facilities Management

Recovery Services

Operations & Facilities

Custodial & Disinfection Procedures
Transportation & Logistics Support
Water, Meals, & Beverages
Laundry & Housekeeping Services
Security Screening & Badging

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What makes us different?

The OST-H&S-Pilot team is backed by years of experience and industry expertise. Our staff is currently deployed to 12 sites throughout the US providing Life Support Services for isolated individuals.

  • Led by Regina Benjamin, MD, MBA (18th Surgeon General of the United States) and Col. Douglas C. Rose, Jr. (Ret. Director, Military Support, NORAD and USNORTHCOM, FEMA)
  • Staff in every FEMA region to coordinate federal, state, and local disaster responses by establishing Field Response Offices (FRO)
  • Worked every major national disaster in the last 35 years
  • Base camps and medical facilities set up in 3 days
  • Field deployment-ready surge apparatus consisting of personnel, transportation, and supplies
  • Financial capacity to sustain disaster/emergency support operations for several months
  • Established insurance claims operation in support of a government-backed program (with $1.1 trillion in policy coverage) ensuring proper payment to damaged parties while minimizing appeals and litigation
  • On-demand scalable infrastructure including call centers, training centers, and emergency command centers
  • Grants management support personnel for receiving, disbursing, and reporting grants
  • Experience developing and implementing processes to ensure rapid aid to disaster victims without compromising the integrity of the program
  • Highly-trained financial services teams qualified to provide accurate and timely management and reporting for multi-billion dollar disaster support and recovery programs
Emergency Operations Command (EOC)
Base & Isolation Camps
Modular Medical Units
Support Staff Facility

We can provide “turn-key” (design, build, operate, and maintain) testing centers and modular hospital solutions as full-service healthcare facilities complete with trained resources. These can be rapidly deployed and installed in any size configuration to meet all facility requirements. Services include trauma, diagnosis, treatment, radiology, surgery, rehabilitation, intensive care, and pharmacy.



We can provide “turn-key” base camp and isolation camp solutions fully-equipped with medical and housing facilities (i.e., mobile hospitals, kitchens, dining halls, bathrooms/showers, HVAC/ventilation). Most importantly, we have the resources to mobilize thousands of individuals per day to support the rapid implementation and long-term operations of these camps.


Our suite of products is EPA approved and patented disinfection solutions which provide antimicrobial protection for up to 90 days on all surfaces. It’s multi-purpose application is ideal for office and retail buildings, hospitals, aircrafts, buses, trains, and public areas. This product is USA-made, 100% safe, water-based, and 99.99% effective against problematic bacteria, fungi, and most importantly: viruses.


Our team is prepared to rapidly provide large quantities of medical equipment and supplies, such as – many types of face masks (including N95 masks), protective clothing, footwear, and eyewear, disinfection solutions and sanitizers, syringe pumps, defibrillators, ventilators, and monitors. We also provide any and all equipment needed to outfit the testing centers and mobile hospital solutions.


Our solution is an effective and reliable artificial intelligence (AI) based system designed to
quickly screen and detect elevated
temperatures in individuals
in fast-moving
crowds and densely populated areas. This tool
alerts the authorities when an individual is detected with elevated temperature (exceeds a certain threshold).


Dr. Regina Benjamin

Regina Benjamin, MD, MBA

18th Surgeon General of the United States
Dr. Benjamin is an American physician who served as the 18th Surgeon General from 2009-2013. During her tenure, Dr. Benjamin released the first National Prevention Strategy.

Col. Douglas Rose

Douglas C. Rose, Jr. Retired Colonel

Retired Colonel of U.S. Army
Col. Rose was the Director of Military support for FEMA. He has expertise managing real-world crisis operations as needed to plan, respond, mitigate, and recover from disasters and emergencies.

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