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Enterprise Application Integration

OST demonstrated leadership in Enterprise Infrastructure Architecture Support in determination of a technical approach for a federal client's infrastructure product architecture. Our specialists ascertained system compliance through comprehensive analysis of requirements and system architecture. Our team delivered enterprise-wide architecture consultation, reviews, validation, and assessments to assure of coordination between diverse client sub-groups.

Interactive Work Flow System

OST experts collaborated with a federal client in a strategic technology modernization effort resulting in a user friendly and efficient web-based system. We produced a proactive work flow system which enables customers to electronically submit applications and allows the federal client to process these applications from beginning of life-cycle to completion. This system headlines innovative features including extensive indexed search interface, embedded time triggers which generate auto emails to keep the process flowing, and multi-level security.

eGov Portal

A national and municipal award-winning portal stands out in OST's list of achievements which includes development of 30+ client websites relating to economic development. Our staff created a standard reusable 'web development kit' which is a key strategic element in successful recurring client implementations.

Streamlining of Operations

OST revamped and reconstructed a federal client's undocumented, mission-critical, multi-interfaced system. Our team executed an overall analysis of the entire system and its supporting networks, recommending and implementing several networking solutions - within tight budget constraints. We injected new technologies and methodologies to streamline operations and overhaul system dramatically, thus reducing customer processing times and greatly enhancing client's public image. Based on this note-worthy track record, client requested OST support for NextGen project.

Multimedia Tracking System

OST staff pioneered a unique tracking system which accepts various multimedia (documents, pictures, video clips, etc.) to replace existing paper-based process for a municipal client.

Professional Licensing System

Our team developed an online professional licensing system which also affords the public extensive search capabilities. OST updates these search engines monthly to ensure for optimal accuracy and currency.

Web Presence Development

OST specialists established a web presence at municipal government's portal in order to design and produce a real-time database of archive-related research. Instantaneous public viewing and manageable tracking & report generation are two key features of this system, resulting in information more tailored to the individual customer.

Contract Tracking System

OST staff experts implemented a secured intranet application for contract tracking which facilitates municipal client's rapid money transfers through a financial interface.

Oracle Procurement Systems Analysis

OST staff specialists leveraged a web-based data collection instrument to capture user data and engineered a data warehouse to perform statistical analysis. This solution enabled a prominent federal client to identify areas of procurement concern, elevated costs, and high ROI in less than 7 weeks. This system has become the basis from which future capital decisions are based and its user base numbers over 5000 nationwide.

Oracle Enterprise Electronic Document Management System

OST launched an enterprise project management tool enabling a prime federal client to centrally and concurrently manage multiple enterprise-wide efforts.

Mission Critical Tracking Systems

The OST team originated numerous innovative applications which enhance public safety through quick operational issue resolution. We proposed and spearheaded the development of an investigative portal which leveraged existing applications for optimal issue resolution. This knowledgebase incorporates proprietary OST functionality with external vendor tools and boasts a worldwide user base. This mission critical system has enabled this vital federal client to migrate into a proactive mode and - when all the phases are in production - will greatly enhance their ability to predict problems well in advance.

National Airspace Information Management Enterprise System

OST experts collaborated with a prime federal client to implement a modern aeronautical information repository with integrated data distribution. Our team executed GIS activities and weather enhancements to establish web-enabled means for proprietary data collection and distribution.

Interference Monitoring Detection System

OST partnered with a key federal client to originate software for monitoring, detecting, and locating radio signals via a remote web browser.

Navigational Aids

Selected due to its ability to meet a critical and aggressive schedule including significant SME training of its personnel, OST executed extensive analysis and documentation on existing and undocumented code. Our specialists developed a fully compatible engineering model by leveraging extensive client communication and teamwork.

Labor Management Relations Portal

OST specialists launched an initial Labor Management Relations portal for a prominent federal client which provides one-stop shopping for its worldwide user base, including readily-accessible law references through its powerful search capability.

Contract Management & Tracking System

An OST team created an entirely web-based contract management system for a sizable federal client. Highlights include web report generation, access to administrative utilities, and seamless systems integration with legacy procurement and financial management systems.

Legacy System Migration and Prototyping

Our team partnered with an instrumental federal client to optimize information exchange, thus reducing lag time and improving customer-friendliness. OST managed and implemented an extensive migration to daily/real-time submissions from monthly submission/batch mode. We leveraged the latest technologies to provide substantial support in various activities including organizational change, facilitation, legacy system migration, and prototyping of NextGen Technologies.

Electronic FOIA Tracking System

OST instituted an enterprise-wide web-based tracking system housed within a federal client's intranet. Our staff experts delivered a sophisticated system exhibiting many impressive features including seamless 'Chain of Command' assignments which vary the information views depending on the privilege of the user, extensive multiple secured layers, and streamlined report generation.

Enterprise Architecture and Reengineering

OST specialists directed a sizable federal agency in its re-architecture and re-engineering effort to streamline and consolidate applications. Our team base lined the existing system, performed extensive analysis to identify bottlenecks and/or design flaws, designed common front-end, and established a Configuration Management environment. We are currently mentoring this client in implemented use of CMMI Level 3 in order to ensure continued success through the emplacement of defined and repeatable processes.

Major System Security Assessment

Our experts generated an independent Security Assessment for a key federal client by leveraging research on internal policies, manuals, and NIST-800. OST performed extensive replication of the production environment and assessed application vulnerability through large-scale testing. Results were compiled and summarized into a comprehensive client assessment.

Grants Reporting System

An OST team created a web-based reporting tool to extract data from a legacy system, allow data validation at entry point, and streamline data reporting. Our specialists took extensive steps to ensure the comprehensive business logic was correctly and intelligently built in, thus allowing this system to operate with minimal administration. Implementation of this system is a key stepping stone to this major federal client's rapid migration towards full system automation.

Customer Communications Center

OST IT specialists overhauled the communications center for a prominent federal client by analyzing system bottlenecks, resolving outdated business logic, and implementing point-of-entry call screening to determine call type and appropriate routing. This modernization significantly decreased the number of abandoned customer calls, lessened caller wait times, and increased automation call handling. We launched key software configured for a distributed environment which is capable of handling thousands of calls concurrently. Overall our team improved the client's critical infrastructure including telephone, internet, and MIS data, thus significantly increasing general public satisfaction.

Customer Account Data Access System

OST is playing an integral role within a core team in an effort to decrease account processing time for a sizable federal client. A major database conversion from batch legacy to Relational Database Management System is central to this project, spanning a 3 to 5 year period. Our experts are key participants in the development of Use Cases, Data Conversion Plan, and high level OO design. OST is taking on the challenge to ensure data integrity across multiple legacy stove-piped systems during this massive system migration.

Integrated Financial Modernization Program

Our team is currently planning the implementation of a JFMIP certified COTS financial system including interface definition, design, and issue identification for an influential federal client.

Fleet Management and Tracking System

OST staff experts devised and developed a custom web-based solution to meet state client needs when a COTS solution was determined inadequate and a COTS-modified solution proved prohibitively expensive. We were instrumental in streamlining and automating report functions resulting in substantial time savings as report generation times plummeted from several weeks to one hour annually. Our specialists blueprinted and created personalized reports including inventory prediction and fraud detection reports, assisting in overall budget optimization.

Secured Collaboration Tool

An OST team implemented a secured collaboration tool which streams information to users from both secured federal as well as public sources for a key federal client. This tool enables 100+ users disparately to share intelligence, protect classified information, and significantly accelerate the collective decision making process.

Web Presence Renovation and Re-engineering

OST is currently partnering with Executive Management from a major federal client to lead efforts in web presence renovation. OST experts have stepped up to facilitate monthly Web Council meetings, strategize and recommend appropriate solutions and technologies, and provide technical solutions to facilitate collaboration and information sharing nationwide. The goal of the renovation effort is to provide a more customer-focused and secure Web presence and enable the public to efficiently locate, share, and use information, products, and services. This effort encompasses institutionalizing though governance and stewardship enterprise-wide Web management processes, ensuring compliance with and authoring policy based on Federal laws, and providing a framework for management and organization of the Web and enterprise infrastructure.

OST is also supporting another Federal client in fulfilling their enterprise Web goals, which comprise defining enterprise strategies for content management, Web usability, and infrastructure consolidation and transforming the Web presence from a set of disparate, individual series of program web sites to a centrally-managed, interconnected enterprise Web providing content to customers.

Enterprise Resource Planning/Financial Management Solution

OST is providing support to a large Federal client to implement an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution that implements standard business processes and data elements across the enterprise in Budget Formulation, Core Financials, Acquisition, Personal Property and Fleet Management, Travel, Financial Assistance, Real Property, and Enterprise Management Information. This effort encompasses SAP implementations (SAPXI, Solution Manager), upgrading and extending existing implementations (SAPR/3, BW/SEM, MDM, SRM), integrating enterprise applications, managing/optimizing/supporting SAP installations, and providing Continuous Business Improvement to help maximize the SAPR3 investment.

Enterprise Income Verification System

OST is providing full Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC) support to a large Federal client in the implementation of an Enterprise Income Verification (EIV) solution. This solution applies standard business processes and data elements across the agency’s various locations and sites. The EIV system compiles income and benefits data, matches it with household data, and makes it available online, allowing Authorities to more easily access information needed to fulfill their business responsibilities, such as the re-certification process.

Financial Modernization Project Management

OST is providing Project Management Office (PMO) support to a large-scale Federal financial modernization project to assist the client in replacing its current accounting system and general ledger with a modern, integrated core financial system infrastructure. The PMO provides structured, standardized processes for supporting the project in the areas of capital planning; Web page development and updates; maintenance of the master project schedule; developing and implementing the communications plans, quality management plan, and change control process plan; reporting project earned-value; preparing presentation materials for external and internal constituents; and developing and maintaining a HIFMIP Library.

Contingent Labor Procurement MSP

OST is providing managed services to a major government, saving them time and money in their procurement of staff augmentation resources. A web portal developed by OST and a leading 3rd-party VMS provide unprecedented access, transparency, and opportunity to the client, suppliers, and the public.



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